Teacher's Corner: Interview with Dual Language Teacher Laura Pantin

Hello Everyone! Here at Becko Books, we are starting this new section of our blog called Teacher's Corner. Teacher's Corner will highlight the work of different dual language teachers who put their heart and soul into their work with the goal of transmitting second language literacy to chi...

Posted July 24th at 5:53pm

Becko Adventures: Becko and Bella’s Magical Discovery

A few days later, Bella was back at the library. Becko was happy to see her and waited to hear what she was looking for this time.“Library ghost!” she whispered to the bookshelf. “I am bored. Can you find me a book with a grand adventure?”Becko knew where all the adventure books were, but there wer...

Posted April 17th at 1:47am

Becko Adventures: Becko the Bilingual Gecko

Once upon a time, there was a gecko named Becko. He was big for a gecko, a beautiful blue color, and extremely fast. Becko was a lot like his cousins on faraway tropical islands; He had sticky toes for climbing and a long tail for balancing. Becko loved books; He loved books more than anything in t...

Posted March 10th at 5:03pm